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Company & Product Information (ECM)

Present your company profile and information on products, free of charge, in the exhibitor and product search section - and all interested parties and business partners will certainly find you before, during, and after the show.

Before attending a trade fair, visitors typically search for companies and their products & solutions. Hence, it's not surprising that one of the most visited pages of the LIGNA website is the exhibitor and product search section - WHICH IS EXACTLY WHERE THEY'LL FIND YOU!

Your advantages:

  • Generate requests for information before, during, and after the event.
  • Your information remains accessible online until it's updated for the next event.
  • You can be found via the following information channels:
    • The event website - before, during and after the trade fair.
    • The trade fair app and EBi terminals (electronic visitor information system) - during the event.
    • Through your company profile in the printed directory of exhibitors.

The marketing fee includes this service!

Utilize our easier-than-ever to use ECM program (Exhibitor Content Manager) to create and manage your company profile and product presentations online.
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